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Environmental Studies in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major

Students may elect a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies or in Environmental Business, or a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science or in Environmental Management. In addition, Johnston students may develop an individual contract to study areas related to the environment.

Core Courses

Required of all EVST majors. Courses in bold are recommended for most students:

  • Overview of the field: EVST 100 or equivalent.
  • Earth Science (1): EVST 102, 210, 220
  • Living Systems (1): EVST 225, 230, 245, 255, or 305
  • Spatial Analysis (1): EVST 110 or approved certificate in GIS
  • Environmental Values/Ethics (1): EVST 215, 300, REL 122, or PHIL 330.
  • Environmental Assessment and Problem Solving (1); EVST 231, 235, 250/350, or 330 or approved Environmental Assessment course,
  • Practicum (1): Environmental Study Abroad, EVST internship, EVST travel course, or approved environmental community service.
  • Research Methods (1): EVST 399, approved statistics course, or other approved Research Methods course.
  • Capstone Senior Project (1): EVST 475 (six units over two semesters)

Note: courses counted toward the core requirements may not be double counted to meet requirements within the tracks.


The Minor

Students who minor in environmental studies are required to take all the environmental studies core courses, with the exception of spatial analysis, the practicum and the senior capstone.


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