Program Learning Outcomes

My Life with the Lincolns

Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts 

1. READING AND ANALYSIS – Engage in questions of justice, value, spirituality and meaning raised by literary texts in sophisticated written and oral responses.

2. CREATIVE THINKING – Practice close reading, make sound interpretive arguments based on textual evidence, and make thinking visible through written and oral responses.

3. INVENTION AND CRAFT – Negotiate the tension between intention, aptitude and effort, and acknowledge that a similar struggle faces other writers through careful and constructive feedback and self-reflection.

4. CREATIVITY – Refine creativity through repeated cycles of problem-solving, risk-taking and experimentation.

5. TECHNICAL COMPETENCE – Utilize the library and other media resources, when relevant and useful, to the creation of literary writing. Develop the professional habits of a writer: revision, developing community, public reading, and submission for publication.

6. A FINISHED PRODUCT – Produce a portfolio of work, which has progressed beyond the draft or apprentice stage most common in workshops, and can be reasonably called finished.

7. CITIZENSHIP AND SHARED ENDEAVORS – Provide constructive feedback that serves their peers' intentions.

Curriculum Map 

Casavant Pipe Organ

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