Sandy Koonce

Professor, Math/Compt Science

Degrees: PhD, Stanford University, Mathematics, 1986; AB, Dartmouth College, Mathematics, 1980

Office: Math & Computer Science, Appleton Hall #220

Phone: 909/748-8631




Areas of Expertise

Mathematical modeling in biological systems; algebraic and geometric topology; geometry; problem solving.

Professional Background Highlights

Ph.D. work in characteristic classes for stably almost-complex manifolds. Presentations at many conferences and seminars in topology. Design of a new course in mathematical modeling, presented in several locations and published. Work in mathematical modeling of the interaction between closely-related bird species, published and ongoing. Solutions to several problems in mathematics journals acknowledged.

Courses Offered at Redlands

MATH 100, MATH 121, MATH 121, MATH 150, MATH 204, MATH 221, MATH 231, MATH 241, MATH 251, MATH 321, MATH 325, MATH 341, MATH 355, MATH 360, MATH 459, MATH 460

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Gibbs Instructor (post-doc) at Yale University 1986-1988
  • Assistant Professor, Vassar College, 1988-1993
  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford University, 1980-1986

Awards and Honors

  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1979
  • Summa Cum Laude, 1980
  • Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) fellowship recipient, 1983
  • Innovative Teaching Award, University of Redlands, 1996
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Redlands, 2004

Publications and Presentations

The Role of Dispersal in the Replacement of Golden-winged Warbler by Blue-winged Warbler, in Natural Resource Modeling, vol. 18, no. 4, 537-547

Plan to Integrate Calculus II and III Curricula at University of Redlands (with J. Beery, P. Cornell, A. Killpatrick), in Confronting the Core Curriculum: Considering Change in the Undergraduate Mathematics Major, Mathematics Association of America, 1998.

A Modeling Course for the Environmental Studies Program, in Biomodeling Workshop Projects 1993-1994, National Science Foundation, 1997

Relations among Generalized Characteristic Classes, Pac. J. Math. 45 (1990), 239-254


Sandy Koonce is the coach and advisor for the men's and women's Ultimate Frisbee teams.

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