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May 28, 2011

Study abroad is one of the most important aspects of the four-year program in Business Administration, Global Business and Management.  About 50 percent of our business students study abroad for a semester, all global business students study abroad for at least one semester, and many study abroad for a full year.  Almost all study abroad occurs in the junior academic year, though a few seniors study abroad in the fall of their senior year.

Study abroad helps students improve their language skills and expand sensitivity and awareness of foreign cultures and overseas business practices.  Recent business students have been involved in semester-long studies in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Madrid, Budapest and Barcelona. In Asia, our business students have recently studied or are studying in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Nagoya.  In Latin America, our students have emphasized study in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. 

While studying abroad our students have recently undertaken internships ranging from Wimbledon, to fashion houses in Paris and Milan and high technology and food processing companies in Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao, among others.  Our students have had the chance to deploy both their business knowledge and language skills, while learning the best practices of major corporations. 

Study abroad and language skills enhance one's resume and make the student more competitive in the pursuit of graduate studies and business career path opportunities.










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