Graduate Programs & Professional Degrees

Recent Advanced Degrees and Awards

Our graduating seniors win top national awards such as the J. W. Fulbright Award for post-graduation teaching or research and the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships for post-graduation international studies.

For the past four years a graduating Global Business Major has won a Fullbright, the highest award given by the U.S government to a graduating senior, to; Germany, Morocco, Taiwan.

Coached by our faculty, our business graduating seniors have received offers of acceptance to:

Boston University, J.D.  Cambridge University, M. Phil.  Claremont Graduate University, M. Sci. 
Harvard University, MBA  Pepperdine University, J.D.  Stanford University, M.A. 
George Washington University, M.A.  Ohio State University, M. Sci.  University of Edinburgh, M. Sci. 
University of New Mexico, M.D.  UCLA, J.D.  University of Minnesota, M. Sci. 
University of Notre Dame, MBA  University of Oregon, J.D.  University of Seattle, J.D. 
University College, Dublin, MSc  London School of Economics   
Cornell University, Masters of Management

What started as a freshman prank in 1913?
The giant R

The giant "R" seen on the mountain north of the University that is about one-third the size of the Quad.

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