Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Students who are not planning post-graduate work in biology may wish to consider the bachelor of arts in biology combined with a major or minor in another discipline. To receive a B.A. degree, the student must complete:

BIOL 131 and 133
BIOL 239
CHEM 131–132; 231–232
PHYS 220–221 or 231–232

Three additional courses from BIOL 250–360 (except 341), by contract with department faculty

BIOL 394 Biology Seminar, BIOL 495–496 Senior Seminar

Completion of Senior Seminar Capstone Project

A major or minor in another discipline, or an interdisciplinary minor, or equivalent approved by department faculty

Degree contracts must be approved by the end of the second semester of the junior year, or the end of the first semester of residence in the case of upper-division transfer students.

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