About Light Pollution

Granite Park

Six out of every 10 Americans no longer live where they can see the Milky Way. In Europe, a view of the stars is even harder to find. All over the world, the lights of businesses, homes, streets and city squares illuminate the skies at night, and block our view of the stars above.

The National Park Service, astronomers and others from around the world are raising awareness of this phenomenon, which they call "light pollution." The National Park Service has established a Night Sky Team -- a small group of park rangers, astronomers and researchers who are systematically measuring the amount of artificial light intruding into the night sky above the nation’s parks and are working to protect the night sky, much as our national parks themselves are protected and preserved.

For more information, visit theĀ International Dark-Sky Association website.

Casavant Pipe Organ

The 83-year-old instrument was fully restored in 2003 and features 4,266 pipes.

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