Program Learning Outcomes

Student in classroom


Bachelor of Science students will: 

  1. Identify accounting, tax, auditing and ethical issues in structured problems and unstructured fact-based situations. 
  2. Perform research using the professional body of knowledge in the accounting discipline. 
  3. Use a range of techniques to perform analysis, synthesize information and draw conclusions. 
  4. Communicate effectively in quantitative and qualitative terms through writing and speaking.
  5. Collaborate with others in a team environment, including giving and using constructive feedback.
  6. Apply skills developed in the major to generate insights into a contemporary problem that affects managers, auditors and financial statement users.

Curriculum Map

Learning outcomes for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences

What started as a freshman prank in 1913?
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The giant "R" seen on the mountain north of the University that is about one-third the size of the Quad.

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