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International Relations in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

The major consists of a minimum of 48 units selected in consultation with an advisor, who must be a member of the Advisory Committee. In addition to completing the foundation, foreign language, and capstone requirements, every major will select a concentration from the list below and complete 24 units from the list of acceptable courses. The list of courses for each concentration will be revised each year to accommodate newly approved courses and appropriate topics courses. This list may be acquired from the program director. At least 28 units for the major must be taken at the University of Redlands. No more than fifty percent of the units for the foundation or concentration requirement may be satisfied through off-campus study; determination of course equivalence for offcampus study programs is the province of the student’s academic adviser. The foreign language requirement may be acquired though off-campus programs. The capstone course must be taken at the University of Redlands. Participation in a study abroad program is strongly encouraged and should usually be scheduled for the junior or senior year.


Major Requirements

Students must complete 48 units, distributed as follows:

1. Foundation (16 units): Complete all four courses listed.

  • IR 200 International Relations Theory
  • HIST 102 World History since 1450
  • SOAN 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ECON 149 Introduction to Economics OR ECON 250 Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 149 does not meet the prerequisites for the upper-division economics courses recommended for some concentrations. Students considering these courses should take ECON 250 and 251.)

2. Capstone (4 units): IR 400 International Relations Capstone.

3. Foreign Language (4 units): Pass at least one course at or above the 300 level or equivalent.

4. Concentration (24 units): Select one concentration area and complete the requirements.

  • Choose six courses from the list provided for the concentration; no more than two may have 100 or 200 level designations.
  • One class must be a methods course, but no more than two methods courses may count toward the six courses required by the concentration.
  • Courses in the concentration must be taken from at least three departments.
  • One course in the concentration must be at the 400 level.
  • Eligible classes will change as course offerings change; see the program director for the most current list.



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