Visual & Media Studies

Visual and Media Studies

Visual & Media Studies is a new major, in which you have the opportunity to engage critically with a wide array of historical and contemporary media, from the printing press to post-network television.

Today our cultural environment is saturated with stimuli from the media, within which a visual component is often central. The ability to make effective critical judgments about media stimuli informs responsible citizenship and is essential to innovation in professional life.

The Visual & Media Studies program draws on a rich offering of courses from diverse academic fields across the College curriculum, including:

  • Art and Identity
  • Designing for Science Fiction Television
  • Film Genres and Auteurs
  • Gender, Media and U.S. Culture
  • Mothers and Daughters in American Popular Culture
  • Multimedia Programming
  • Popular Culture
  • Theories of Media and Visual Culture
  • Visual Ethnography

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