Lessons Learned

Sandy  Koonce, Professor of Math

After years at the Ivies, Professor Sandy Koonce discovers the art of teaching.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I went to Dartmouth as an undergraduate and I went to Stanford to get my PhD.  I taught at Yale University for two years, at Vassar College for five years, and now I'm in my 10th year here. I came here and I was very impressed with the school, with the department--especially the department--and the way that the emphasis was where I thought it should be in a liberal arts college, which is on student learning. 

"That was evident when I came to visit--talking with the faculty in my department, they talked a lot about the art of teaching and what they did to help students learn the many different ways they’d gone about it. Frankly, I learned more about the craft of teaching in a two-day interview at the University of Redlands than I had ever learned ever before from anybody else."

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