Campus Connections

Jason  O'Donnell

 Jason O’Donnell finds friendships, support and a second family.

Transcript of the video interview:

"For me, fraternity life has been very important because it's brought me to a group of students that I can relate to. College is sometimes tough.  It's never easy, and when you're away from family, you're away from home, you need that group, that support. 

"Sometimes when people go through similar things, it's classes, you've all have been there where you have finals, and you're like, 'Oh, no.'  To have that group there, that's yours, that no matter how bad you mess up, or how bad you do something in life, they're your friends.

"Within our organization, any organization, there's different types of guys from race, to religion.  The idea is that, we all believe in the same concept of being brotherhood.  And then, within the brotherhood, the fraternity and sororities, it's like a  family. 

"Throughout the years, fraternities have had bad names. They've changed; they've adapted.  But the idea of it is an organization that will allow you to grow."

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