Guidelines for Faculty Position Requests

The Faculty Constitution requires the Committee on Academic Planning and Standards (CAPS) Committee to annually recommend priorities for the allocation of full-time faculty positions. The guidelines found here are intended to facilitate this process in a timely and effective manner.

Requests for faculty positions shall be made first to the respective College or School Curriculum Committees. The deadlines forĀ 2016-2017 position requests are due to the appropriate Curriculum Committee on the dates shown below:

  • Deadline for College faculty position requests to be submitted to College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (send to

Position requests should be submitted electronically.

Please keep in mind that these position requests are read by colleagues outside of your discipline. Don’t assume that committee members have substantial knowledge about your school or college, department, area group, program, or other faculty unit (referred to as s/d/a/p), including its past, mission, and goals.

This document contains a list of criteria that should be covered in the position request narrative. Including information on these topics will help college/school curriculum committees and CAPS members to understand the position requested and the importance of the position to the s/d/a/p.

Criteria for Selection of Faculty Positions

  • Centrality to the mission and strategic plan of the university.
  • Demonstrated existing or potential need as shown through existing or potential enrollments.
  • Relevance to school/college, department, area group, or program teaching, learning outcomes, and scholarship.
  • Usefulness of the position to multiple departments or programs.
  • Lack of available alternatives (i.e. no alternative is available to fill the position)


Please describe in a narrative how the position will fit into your s/d/a/p’s existing curricular program. It is strongly recommended that information about each of the items listed below be provided within the narrative. However, the structure and sequence of the narrative are left to the discretion of the submitter.

  • Discuss how the position relates to the Mission of the University. Indicate how the position supports the University’s Strategic Plan, and the goals of the school or college.
  • Discuss the proposed teaching and research areas of the position.
  • Indicate how the position aligns with program learning outcomes and/or curricular goals.
  • Explain how the history of the s/d/a/p led to the current position request. Is the position request part of an established plan of development for the s/d/a/p, or is it the result of a new direction that the s/d/a/p has determined it needs to take? If so, explain how this determination was made. For example, did it emerge as the result of a self-study? Did it emerge from higher enrollments and/or reduction of faculty? Indicate if the position for approved new course(s) and/or approved new program. If so, explain. State when is the next self study of the program scheduled or anticipated. State if the position is required for specialized accreditation, i.e. beyond WASC.
  • State if the new position fills a gap in the curriculum in the s/d/a/p or for the University, and if so what the gap is.
  • Indicate interdisciplinary aspects of the position. State the ways in which the position serves the college/school and university beyond the boundaries of the department or area group. If this position is a replacement position, justify the continuing need for the position. Does the position conform strictly to the prior one? If not, what has changed? What alternative solutions will you employ if the position is not approved? What are the effects of these alternatives?
  • List of full-time faculty in department or program, including hire date, ranks, load (including advising and other service), and curricular coverage. Explain how recent new full-time faculty hires fit into the department and affect the position requested. When positions requests have included this information, it has been helpful in providing a picture of the overall composition of the s/d/a/p and of how the curriculum is taught.
  • Provide numerical justifications for the position within the s/d/a/p. Please include essential information about class size, number of sections, student-teacher ratio, present enrollments and trends in the program(s) and course(s) to be taught by the proposed faculty position. Focus on the background of information specifically centered on the particular position request and its relation to your s/d/a/p, rather than a general pictorial overview of your s/d/a/p.

Sample Position Advertisement

  • Sample position advertisements help the committee get a clear, concise understanding of your request. Please submit a sample position advertisement with your application.

Late Submissions

On rare occasions, position requests may be accepted after the deadline has passed. If you would like your late request to be considered, include the following information:

  • Please indicate which of the following applies: (1) missed deadline and search requested to occur during the next academic year, (2) missed deadline and search requested to occur during the current academic year.
  • Please explain the reason for the need for submitting a late request.
  • Indicate why this position request requires immediate attention.
  • If the position does end up having to wait, indicate what alternative plans you have to cover the position in the next academic year.

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