List of Department Chairs

Department Chair Ext.
Accounting  Renee Hall  8497
Art History Piers Britton  8503
Art- Studio Tommi Cahill  8822
Asian Studies Hongwei Lu  8513
Biology Susan Blauth  8735
Business Heung-joo Cha 8532
Chemistry Debra Van Engelen


Communicative Disorders Michael Groher 8552
Comm. Dis. Clinic Julie Shuler 8556
Computer Science Pani Chakrapani 8623
Creative Writing Alisa Slaughter 8587
Economics Lorenzo Garbo 8783
English Sharon Oster 8525
EVST Dan Klooster 8642
French & German Frank Bright 8638
Government/Political Science Steve Wuhs 8604
History Kathy Feeley 8606
International Relations Kim Coles 8715
Johnston Center Julie Townsend 8616
Latin American Studies Ivonne Vailakis 8640
Liberal Studies Kathy Hickey 8685
Library Gabriela Sonntag 8096
Mathematics James Bentley 8621
Modern Lit. & Lang. Ivonne Vailakis 8640
MS/GIS Doug Flewelling 8389
Music Andrew Glendening 8684
Philosophy James Krueger 8654
Physical Education Tom Whittemore 8425
Physics Alan DeWeerd 8658
Proudian Honors Kathy Feeley 8606
Psychology CatKathleen Silva 8674
Public Policy Greg Thornson 8636
Race & Ethnic Studies Keith Osajima 8676
Religious Studies Lillian Larsen 8492
Science/Math Center Barbara Murray 8544
Sociology/Anthropology Sara Schoonmaker 8712
Speech Bill Southworth 8721
Theatre Arts Nephelie Andonyadis 8722
Theatre Arts Productions Trevor Norton 8488
Visual & Media Studies Piers Britton 8503
Women's & Gender Studies Jennifer Nelson 8729

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