Hiring Peer Advisors

The best case scenario is that students selected to be Peer Advisors are work-study eligible, but this is not always appropriate or feasible.

Peer Advisors with a work award:

  • A Peer Advisor may choose to keep his or her other work-study job after school starts, but may not work more than 10 TOTAL hours per week (for both jobs). Work awards should be carefully monitored throughout the year as students may not continue to work after their work award is exhausted--regardless of the how much time remains in the academic year.
  • Some students with a work award opt to not get paid as a Peer Advisor and, instead, take the class for credit or as an independent study.

If a student is selected who does not have a work award:

  • The student may take the class for credit or do an independent study and not receive payment after school starts. All Peer Advisors receive a stipend for training/advising week.
  • If there are unit overload or other issues, Kady Wood can appeal to Financial Aid for a small work award for the student. The work award will be based on the number of hours per week that the faculty member anticipates the Peer Advisor will work. This is usually not a problem; however, in some cases, student loans are affected and it may not be in the best interest of the student to make changes to his or her financial aid package. Kady will contact us if this situation arises so the student can consult with Financial Aid before accepting the work award.


  • All Peer Advisors (regardless of work award) are paid for New Student Week. The stipend for the training/advising week is $325 and does not count as work-study earnings (financial aid is not in effect until the day classes begin). After NSW, Peer Advisors earn $8.50 per hour.
  • The stipend payment spread sheet (prepared by the Student Employment Office) will require the Peer Advisor’s signature and will be submitted to the Payroll Office for processing by the Dean’s Office. Kathy will contact the Peer Advisors with information on when the stipend spreadsheet and other time sheets will need to be signed and turned in.
  • We are not able to pay any student who has not completed the I-9 and W-4 forms. Student Employment will let us know which students need to complete the necessary paperwork; students that have held a work-study position should have completed paperwork on file already. Required forms are available in the Student Employment Office and students should take care of this before they leave for break. Failure to complete necessary paperwork will delay the stipend and other payments.
  • After school starts, Peer Advisors that are being paid (as opposed to receiving unit credit) will be issued a new time sheet every two weeks according to the student payroll schedule. Time sheets will be kept in the College Dean’s office (ADMIN 302) and students will be responsible for keeping them updated and signed by the end of each pay period.


Peer Advisor Application

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