Study Abroad

Academic Policy

  • Students may receive credit toward graduation from the University of Redlands only if they participate in a program of study officially approved in advance by the Director of Study Abroad at the University of Redlands. Students must apply to participate through the Study Abroad Office and must meet published deadlines. Any units earned outside of this prior approval process may not be applied toward the Redlands’ degree.
  • Each student accepted for study abroad will retain official status as a University of Redlands student. This means that all academic credits earned in an approved study abroad program will automatically transfer back to the University of Redlands, will count toward the accumulation of credits for graduation, and will appear on the Redlands transcript.
  • All courses taken in approved study abroad programs will be transcripted as Redlands' courses. Grades earned in all courses will appear on the Redlands' transcript and be counted in the Redlands' GPA.
  • The policy of the University of Redlands is that approval for study abroad is given for a single semester only.
  • Students who wish to be considered for study abroad build an academic case to do so, including an argument that is anchored in a cogent academic plan, one that is enriched by study abroad in ways that are not available here on campus. In some special cases, such a program of study may entail year-long registration. If this is the case, please construct your argument with special attention to the necessity of year-long study. Approval will not be granted after the full year petition deadline has passed.
  • It is the responsibility of all students to petition the Registrar for any course they wish to satisfy a Liberal Arts Foundation requirement and the major/minor department if they wish a course to apply toward the major. Not only should this petition be completed in advance of departure, but any "understandings" reached should be secured in writing. Students should keep everyone informed of changes that occur in their academic program throughout their time studying abroad.
  • During the regular registration period in the semester before their departure, students planning to study abroad should file a registration card enrolling in 16 units of “Study Abroad.” This registration will be replaced later, showing specific courses taken and grades earned when the University receives the official transcripts at the end of the program. Salzburg Semester students enroll directly in their courses just as though they were registering for an on-campus semester.

Financial Policy

There are many different institutional models for financing study abroad. The University of Redlands model promotes and encourages study abroad. Our model treats a term abroad as a term at Redlands, not only academically (as noted above), but financially as well.

  • The student participating in a study abroad program will receive billing for the term abroad from the University of Redlands, not the program of choice. The University charges UR students basically the same for a semester abroad as it does for a semester on campus, living in a residence hall: tuition, room and board charges (at on-campus standard, double occupancy rate), ASUR fee, and health insurance. These charges will apply for study abroad students regardless of their personal selections for room or board while on-campus in Redlands or that which is provided in their program while abroad.
  • The policy of the University of Redlands is that the University pays all required program fees for students participating in an approved study abroad program except textbooks, transportation fees, visa or residency permits, damage deposits and mandatory health insurance from the program provider. This includes any additional surcharge for science labs, required orientation sessions or required field experiences. Optional or elective fees, trips, overloads, etc., are the responsibility of the student. Students withdrawing from a program are personally responsible for any unrecoverable payments made to the program on behalf of the student by the University in addition to the required University tuition and fees.
  • The policy of the University of Redlands, which calls for the University to pay the program fees,
    includes the payment of the program deposit for each student. Here is how this should work. Sometime after applying, students should receive a letter of acceptance from the program of choice. This letter typically not only notifies you of your acceptance, but also asks you to confirm your intention to participate in the program by the payment of a non-refundable program deposit.

You are now at a critical crossroads; you must now determine finally whether you will attend the program as proposed. If you wish to go, and have a space in the program reserved, you should bring the letter of acceptance and request for program deposit payment to the Study Abroad Office. Here you will request, in writing, that the University pay the deposit on your behalf. With this signed request, the University will then initiate payment to the program. Since the deposit confirms your space in the program, the time allowed to respond is generally no more that two weeks. You must, therefore, attend to this request quickly. You should keep in mind that:

  • The Study Abroad Office typically does not receive a copy of the letter of acceptance. You must notify us of your acceptance.
  • A signed acceptance of the "request for payment of deposit" must be filed before a check for payment for the program deposit will be processed.
  • The program deposit is generally non-refundable, so if you withdraw from the program after the deposit has been paid, you will be held liable for that deposit on your next billing from the University of Redlands.
  • Should you receive a program billing directly from the program, you should forward it to the Study Abroad Office for payment. Use the following address for forwarding program billings:

Study Abroad Office
University of Redlands
1200 East Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373-0999 

  • Transportation: The cost for and arrangement of travel to and from the study site is the
    responsibility of the student. If needed, eligible students may access loan funds to underwrite the cost of airfare. If a program includes airfare as a part of the program fee, the University will request that be separated out and directed to the student for payment. You will need to balance convenience and cost in determining whether to take advantage of program provided international airfare.
  • Room and Board: Many programs will include room and board charges with the program fees. When
    this occurs, the University will pay these directly to the program. Some programs, however, separate
    these charges. If room and board are excluded from the direct billing to the University, either in
    whole or in part (as they often are) the University will still cover the precise amount each program
    cites as appropriate. These funds, in a check, will be distributed directly to the students prior to their
  •  Exchange rate, personal spending habits: Two important but unpredictable variables in defining the cost of a semester of study abroad are the exchange rate and individual spending patterns. Our financial policy for study abroad seeks to share the exchange rate "risk" with our students. Said differently, once a housing and meal subsidy has been set, should the exchange rate shift favorably toward the student, we expect and request no adjustment in the meal and/or housing subsidy we provided. Should the shift occur in the other direction, the student would bear that burden. The subsidy makes no attempt to account for the variables of personal choice and habits in food and housing. Some students will find the subsidies for meals and rooms very generous; others will have to learn to be disciplined in their spending if the funds are to last the term.

Financial Aid Policy

  • Federal, State, or University of Redlands need-based financial aid, you will continue to receive all grants and scholarships (save work awards) during your approved semester of study abroad.
  • Your financial aid package is based on University of Redlands fees. If you receive additional need-based aid from your program, it will be absorbed by any University grant you might receive. If you are awarded a merit-based scholarship from you program it will be applied as a credit to your student account.
  • Work-Study: While on campus, many Redlands students count on wages from work during the term. For students abroad however, work is very difficult if not impossible to find, and even if it is available, work is often at odds the with overall objectives of the term abroad. Accordingly, the student heading abroad will need to plan how to compensate for the loss of on-campus wages. One option may be to access loan funds to cover the work-study portion of the financial aid package. If a student needs these funds, he or she may borrow the amount required. Students who wish to consider these options should speak directly with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the implications for their particular case.
  • Travel: Study abroad includes additional expenses for travel. These costs are the responsibility of the student. Some students will simply handle these costs on their own, others will seek loan funds to cover this expense. University financial aid policy typically has students first accessing Stafford Loan Funds to underwrite the cost of transportation to and from the study site before turning to other loan funds. Again, the student should directly consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the implications of their own particular case.
    If you have a question on any of the study abroad policies listed above, please contact the Study Abroad Office at (909) 748-8044, on campus extension 8044, or Leo Rowland at  

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