Classroom Recording Policy

The recording of classroom lectures, discussions, simulations, and other course-related activity is governed by this classroom recording policy. The University of Redlands’ policy on classroom recording balances the needs of students with disabilities, the intellectual property concerns of its instructors, and the privacy of its students.

Classroom Recording by Students

Federal law states that students with documented disabilities should be allowed to record classroom activity. The Office of Academic Success & Disability Services will determine if classroom recording is an appropriate academic adjustment, auxiliary aid, and/or service with respect to each individual student’s documentation. Prior to the student recording of any classroom activity, a student recording agreement must be signed by the student and the Instructor, and filed with the Office of Academic Success & Disability Services (see attached). The student recordings must either be destroyed or stored with the Office of Academic Success & Disability Services at the end of the semester. The student may not re-publish or share the recordings without the Instructor’s written permission.

Students without documented disabilities may also request to record classroom activity. However, in such instances, the Instructor will have the sole discretion to determine if recording will be allowed. If the Instructor permits the student recording, the Instructor shall use the same student recording agreement described above. A signed student recording agreement must be filed with the respective Dean of the School or College prior to the student recording of any classroom activity. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed to by the Instructor, the student recordings will be destroyed or stored by the Instructor at the end of the semester.
As to both non-disabled and disabled students, Instructors have the authority to spontaneously, or in advance, prohibit student recording of personal student information. For example, an Instructor may tell students in a counseling class that students’ personal discussion of their own life challenges must not be recorded.
Students enrolled in a class where classroom activities are being recorded will be informed electronically prior to the first recorded class session.

The student classroom recordings are to be used solely for the personal use of the student. The University prohibits the distribution of the classroom recordings in any manner. Under no circumstances shall student classroom recordings be used in the evaluation or sanctioning of instructors and students. Any alleged violations of the Classroom Recording Policy may be referred to the University conduct process, and possibly to the Academic Review Board.

Classroom Recording by Instructors

Instructors shall have the authority to record and disseminate activity that occurs within their own classes for legitimate pedagogical and/or assessment purposes, including but not limited to the evaluation of students and/or instructor performance. When possible, the instructor should notify students in the course syllabus that they will be recorded, and in no case shall instructor recording proceed without notifying the students in advance that they are to be recorded.

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