Academic Status Reports

The purpose of the Academic Status Reports is to give you a quick way of alerting the right people regarding problems a student may be having, such as poor attendance, failing to turn in work, or failing grades in exams or other assignments. That serves two purposes: it lets the student know that you consider the problems to be serious, and it alerts others whose intervention may help the student get back on track. It is important, then, that the reports be sent to us as soon as you see problems emerging, so that intervention during the semester will have a chance of helping. Of course, it is also helpful to provide some feedback on student work early enough in the semester so students can seek help at a time when it can make a difference, or, in same cases, make the decision to drop a course before the drop deadline.

Once we receive the Academic Status Report from you, my office distributes copies to the student, to the Academic Success Center, and to the student’s advisor. Both the Academic Success Center and the Dean’s Office send letters to the student suggesting that they pay attention to the issues and take advantage of the help we can offer them as appropriate.

As academic advisors we need to pay attention to the status reports we receive concerning our advisees. Please take the time to contact them and encourage them to meet with you. The first objective of such a meeting is to try to find out why a student is having problems. Many of our students are attempting to work too many hours per week. Alternatively, a given course schedule or work schedule may be too demanding. In either case it is important to intervene immediately to help the student to make the appropriate adjustment. For example, it might be advisable to encourage a student to petition to drop one course. There would be a Registrar’s Office fee for this, but that is preferable to experiencing a poor semester in all courses. (Please note that we will entertain a mid-term late drop request because a schedule has proved to be too ambitious; in general, we will not entertain an end-of-semester request to drop a course because a low grade earned there would “ruin” a student’s GPA.) It might be important in a given case simply to remind a student of her or his responsibilities to get to class regularly and on time, to complete assignments, to keep up with the course material, etc. And if a student is experiencing difficulties in more than one course, the status reports can warn you of potentially even more serious problems.

The Academic Status Report Form can be downloaded from the link provided or from MyRedlands under “College Forms” Questions and completed forms can be sent to:

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