Co-teachers, Co-students

At Johnston, learning is a two-way street.


Transcript of the video interview:

"We really value experiential learning in Johnston. I knew that Matt had an interest maybe someday in teaching, and we want always in our first year seminars in Johnston to have some opportunity for an underclass student, usually a sophomore in fact, to practice teaching, discussion building, and to start working with students to identify projects. I could’ve taught by myself, but there’s a nice teaching challenge in co-teaching with someone. I think there’s a lot to be said that peers understand peers in a different way than I do. I don’t think one is superior to the other but it’s a great gift really, to have a perceptive student who’s also living with most of the members of the seminar and understands the kind of living/learning context that we value and can bring that to me. We can work that into how we respond to students in the class."

Gray: "To be given the freedom to be up there and sharing some of the knowledge that I have about things was sort of a scary but also an exciting place to be in. I never thought that I’d get to co-teach a class, or work so closely with some of the professors I have outside of class."


The Sustainable University of Redlands Farm (SURF) is a natural farm in its beginning stages, but already grows and sells fresh vegetables to Bon Appetit, the food management company on campus.

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