Professor's Paradise

Art Svenson, Professor of Constitutional Law

At least, that's how Art Svenson sees the University of Redlands.

Transcript of the video interview:

"First of all, let me tell you this, and this is God’s truth: there’s not another school that could offer me enough money to get me out of here, so I found my school and I won’t leave.

"I love it here. Why is it that I love it? I love it for the following reasons: I’m surrounded by very interesting colleagues; I just love the physical layout of the school--it’s gorgeous; and thirdly I think for the most part, I get to spend my days with students who are as interested in what I do as I am, so it’s fun to go to class. It’s not work, it’s fun to go to class. It’s exciting to go to class and when I leave class I can’t wait for the next one to start.

"We had last week a graduate from the University of Redlands from the 1960s who left, did wonderful things out in Washington DC., and he was in the area, and when he is in the area we always invite him to classes. Well, he came to our class, to my class and several others I think, and he talked about his perception of what’s going to happen in the world. And you could have heard a pin drop, that’s how carefully all of us were listening to what this gentleman had to say, and then there was robust debate and it was fascinating."


The Sustainable University of Redlands Farm (SURF) is a natural farm in its beginning stages, but already grows and sells fresh vegetables to Bon Appetit, the food management company on campus.

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