The Right Size

Chris Concepcion

Chris Concepcion understands Redlands' small-class advantage.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I actually started thinking about college rather soon in high school. Never really thinking that I would get in, but I just wanted to apply anyway.

"I was looking at big schools; I was looking at Columbia; I was looking at Georgetown, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, and it basically came down to financial aid packages.

"I was looking at Redlands, and I was looking at Berkeley. I was accepted into Berkeley, and Berkeley was huge. It was a huge school.

"That's one thing I really like about this school--was that my smallest class I've had is six. Six people in a class. And the biggest class that I've had has been, I want to say 22, opposed to at a large UC, having the classes be like 300."

Quiet the Mind
meditation room

The University’s Meditation Room opened in 2007 and is one of the first “contemplative classroom” spaces in the country.

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