Everybody Knows Your Name

Ebony Mitchell

Redlands offers Ebony Mitchell a close-knit community and the chance to promote change.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I really feel like Redlands fits me, because it's such a close community--you know everybody. It's just a wonderful place to be here. If anyone asked me how I felt about the university and if they should apply, I would definitely say yes.

"I'm an RA in Anderson Hall in the Multicultural floor. That has been a great experience. Most of my friends, at the university, most of my good friends, are not black. I have a lot of Indian friends, and Latino friends, and white friends. So, I'm learning too, just like they're learning, I'm learning.

"I've joined clubs, Triple A, which is the African American Association. I'm the president of that club now. I've also joined a Sisterhood on campus. WRW, which stands for Wadada Wa Rangi Wengi. It stands for 'sister's of many shades.' And the whole concept of the sisterhood is to deal with issues of diversity, to deal with issues of women's issues, and just things that affect us.

"I'm just not afraid to be me, like, the way I dress. People are like, I always match my shoes with my shirt, and wear like the loud colors, and big earrings, and my hair is always changing, different colors, things like that. People are like--you know they're kind of caught off by that--but once they really get to know me and talk to me, then most people are OK with that.

"And I just like--I just say whatever's on my mind, pretty-much, and when people ask me a question I answer it, and I try and be blunt about it, because I don't like to beat around the bush, pretty much. So, a lot of people like that, some people don't, but that's OK. We'll work with it. Whatever you've got to do.

"But it seems like they're all open to experiencing new things, and I think that's the best mindset anyone can have--just to be open to experience new things. That's where a lot of change comes from, and I think it's very easy to make change here at Redlands. I feel like it's a great place to be, and a great place to get a great education."

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