Different Perspectives Wanted

Paul Gusmao

Paulo Gusmao discovers different points of view are welcome at Redlands.

Transcript of the video interview:

"It's clear that this is a school that has the majority of it's population--near 70 to 80 percent Caucasians. It's a school that embraces the differences, and really pushes that out of you, to teach people about the other perspectives.

 "You know, the international presence here isn't huge yet. I definitely think that they're looking to--the Multicultural Center is creating avenues for people to really come out and feel at home here, regardless of their race, and regardless of anything they're really feeling.

"It works in that sense, and it gives you a chance really to show your perspective, and being someone who grew up in a really, cosmopolitan, UN-based childhood, Redlands gives me the opportunity to really speak out about what I know, and honors that perspective--and comes to me to a lot of things when it has to deal with the places that I grew up in, and the culture that I bring to this university.

"In classrooms, you're perspective is always welcome, socially, people are very interested, people really thrive for that. They see that they gain a lot from a different perspective and really make connections, so that you branch out, and the Multicultural Center is a big one.

"We have a huge push toward diversity affairs. Everything is really moving in that direction. And they want you, you know, the multicultural festival, all these things are really, really important."

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