Fast Facts

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Our 2,410 students come from 43 states and 11 foreign countries. About 26 percent identify themselves as African American, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander or two or more ethnicities. More about who studies at the College of Arts and Sciences…


The college has 187 full-time faculty members. Seventy-nine percent of full-time faculty members have a Ph.D. or terminal degree.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio*

The college’s ratio is 11:1; the average class size is 19.

Programs of Study

Forty-one programs and the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies focus on everything from chemistry to studio art. Among first-year students, popular academic areas include psychologyliberal studies and business. Also of interest: our May Term and Study Abroad programs.

Johnston Center for Integrative Studies

At Johnston, the education is collaborative and customized; it’s based on a contract you write, outlining your goals and academic program. Johnston is challenging, fun and venerable. It has been around for more than 30 years. More…

School of Music

With a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, the School of Music offers the quality of a conservatory education in a liberal arts and sciences setting. More…

Student Life

More than 100 organizations, including 10 Greek organizations, sponsor social and community service activities. More…


Athletes compete in 21 men’s and women’s teams in NCAA Division III, Southern California Athletic Intercollegiate Conference. More…

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

$35,240 for tuition; $10,832 for room (double room) and board. The university awards more than $33 million in university grants and merit/talent scholarships. More than 75% of Redlands undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, and awards range from $500 to full tuition. For 2009/2010, the average need-based financial aid grant awarded to an undergraduate in the college was $18,000.

Graduate and Special Programs

The college also offers three graduate programs—ones in music, one in communicative disorders and one in geographic information systems.

*Numbers from Fall 2009 Census

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