Oaxaca Integrated Semester

Oaxaca, Mexico

This unique program is sponsored by the University of Redlands and the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies and will once again be led by Dr. Pat Wasielewski.

In Oaxaca, students will engage in intensive language study (20 hours per week) and be placed with a local family for the semester.  The three-week trip to Guatemala will certainly be a highlight.

In addition to language study, students will take a course in the History and Culture of Southern Mexico and Western Guatemala, an interdisciplinary course on Globalization and Tourism, an individual project, and community service and involvement projects for a total of 16 units.

Click here to view the students experience making paper in Vista Hermosa, Oaxaca!

For a more detailed look into the program visit the official Johnston Oaxaca Integrated semester website here.

For more information, contact Dr. Pat Wasielewski at


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