Mortar Board Vision & Values

Mortar Board Inc., Vision:

Building on the strength of its traditions and its collegiate and alumni membership, Mortar Board of the future will continue to be a national leader among college honor societies. Mortar Board will be known for its emphases on ethics and integrity in leadership and academics, for its outreach in volunteer and philanthropic service to its campus, for its strong and dynamic chapters (both collegiate and alumni), for the respect it engenders within institutions of higher education, and for its national and regional visibility.

Mortar Board as an organization will be known for its responsiveness to members and chapters and for its outstanding, cost-effective programs and services. Mortar Board will receive major financial support through the Mortar Board National Foundation, in turn broadly supported by alumni highly valuing their membership experience and by grants and sponsorships from foundations and corporations. A Mortar Board National Foundation endowment will underwrite the annual national conference for collegiate leadership development and Society governance.

Mortar Board Inc., Values:

Mortar Board's values provide guidelines for actions and decision-making. Value of the individual: Each member brings to Mortar Board unique qualifications and backgrounds.

The Society is strengthened by diversity of membership, by chapters' respect and support for each member's worth and dignity, and by member relationships that are positive and just. In addition to honoring outstanding students, Mortar Board also confers honorary memberships and citations to other individuals making distinguished contributions.

Excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service: Excellence is expressed by Mortar Board members' dedication to use intelligence, skills, compassion, and integrity to exemplify the highest ethical standard.

Accountability: Individually and collectively, Mortar Board members are expected to act with honesty, integrity, and openness, and take responsibility for actions and their outcomes.

Honor and integrity are fundamental in Mortar Board.

Honor with commitment: In being selected for membership, Mortar Board members commit to continue to serve and to actively participate in the Society. Mortar Board celebrates its history and traditions, and calls upon each member and each chapter to be responsible stewards of the Mortar Board legacy.

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