Participant Responsibilities

Being a part of the Jasper’s Corner Homework Club requires a commitment from all who are involved.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parent/guardian must complete appropriate paperwork (Confidential Emergency Form and Pick-up Plan) and attend orientation meeting with the Director of Jasper's Corner.
  • The student (tutee) must arrive on time, no more than five minutes early or late (The University pays our college students to work with your child.)
  • Students (tutees) must bring materials to work during their tutoring sessions, such as homework, class projects or a book to read. Jasper's Corner is a homework club that assists students with their schoolwork -- we are not equipped with staff to create lesson plans for each individual student.
  • Students (tutees) may have no more than three unexcused absences. Failing to show up for a scheduled homework session is considered an unexcused absence. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify the Jasper's staff by calling 748-8288. Three unexcused absences or excessive excused absences will result in permanent dismissal from Jasper's Homework Club.

Student (Tutee) Responsibilities

  • Students (tutees) must be prepared to work on homework, class work or book reading for the entire time they are in Jasper's Corner.
  • Students (tutees) must have a positive attitude while they are in Jasper's Corner.

Staff (Tutor) Responsibilities

  • Staff will notify parent/guardian if there is a negative behavior with the student (tutee).
  • Staff will work on homework, class work, book reading or other work specified by parent while tutee in Jasper's Corner.
  • Staff will keep a weekly log of student's progress and what was worked.

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