Our House 2013

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May 16, 2013

Over 100 members of the University of Redlands community came out to the Our House 2013 event to recognize the creative and scholarly accomplishments of our faculty and staff.

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The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs announces the publication of "Our House: A Showcase of Scholars, Authors and Artists of the University of Redlands." The booklet features the research and work of the University of Redlands faculty, staff and administrators over the last two years.

To accompany the release of the publication, the University hosted an event May 16 at the Redlands Room, which  featured the published works and exhibits of participating faculty, staff and administrators.

The name, "Our House," refers to the lively performance delivered by Professor Art Svenson at the Inauguration of Dr. Ralph W. Kuncl, the University’s 11th president, which captured the essence of the University’s culture, and makes a fitting theme to showcase the unique talents of Redlands’ scholars, authors and artists. The entries in the "Our House" booklet contain the body of works submitted voluntarily by the University of Redlands faculty and are not a comprehensive list.

Faculty and staff presented include: Catherine Salmon, professor of psychology; Julius Bailey, associate professor of religious studies; Leslie Brody, professor of creative writing; Jeffery Smith, associate professor at the School of Business; Fran Grace, professor of religious studies; Lisa Olson, associate professor of biology; Celine Ko, assistant professor of psychology; Jordan Henk, director at the Redlands Institute; Rod Goodyear, professor at the School of Education; Joanna Bieri, assistant professor of mathematics; Hongwei Lu, associate professor of Asian studies; David Soulsby, associate professor of chemistry; Jim Pick, professor at the School of Business and Julio Batta, administrative assistant in economics.


How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.