2015 May Term Travel Courses


Photo Credit: Crystal Painter

NEW POLICY MAY 2015: Students traveling internationally for May Term will be billed $36 for international health insurance through student accounts.

Cambodia: AST 250: Service in Cambodia 

Faculty: Lawry Finsen

Japan: REL 325: Japanese Art and Religions

Faculty: Bill Huntley

Salzburg, Austria: JNST: Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships 

Faculty: Fred Rabinowitz

Palau: EVST 281: Palau Expedition: Exploration in Sustainable Development

Faculty: Monty Hempel

Salzburg, Austria: POLI 362: Politics of Eastern Europe Course Syllabus and Flyer

Faculty: Graeme Auton

Australia & New Zealand: EVST 355: The Ecology of Australia and New Zealand 

Faculty: Wendy McIntyre

Oaxaca, Mexcio: Art 266: Travel to Mexico Oax-i-fornia  Course Syllabus

Faculty: Penny McElroy

Southern Europe: JNST Outdoor Adventure Southern Europe 

Faculty: Andrew Hollis 

French Polynesia: The Tetiaroa Geodatabase Project

Faculty: Tim Krantz

Sierra Nevada MountainsIDS 366: Mile High Chemisrty: An Environmental Chemisrty Field Experience

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

Italy, Germany & France PHYS 160: The Natural History of Food and Wine

Faculty: Julie Rathbun & Tyler Nordgren

Washington D.C. POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington D.C

Faculty: Kimberley Coles & Greg Thorson 

Sacramento, California POLI 208: California Politics Sacramento Style 

Faculty: Renee Van Vechten

Mexico: SOAN 348: Economic Justice and Migration

Faculty: Sara Schoonmaker

Republic of Cuba: REL 160: Contemporary History, Politics & Culture

Faculty: John Walsh

Peru: EVST 375: Tropical Rainforests: The Amazon, the Andes & the Inca

Faculty: Hillary Jenkins

Southern California: PHIL 140: Animal Ethics and Service

Faculty: Kathie Jenni

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