Costa Rica Sustainable Global Stewardship Semester (Spring Only)

Costa Rica

Spring 2014 brings students a new, unique study abroad opportunity, as Earth Education International has partnered with the University of Redlands and now offers Redlands students the Sustainable Global Stewardship Program.

Students will engage in a semester of experiential learning in Costa Rica. The Sustainable Global Stewardship Program provides interdisciplinary courses and program offerings related to sustainability, environmental studies and social responsibility. Students will work with Earth Education International to support and promote sustainable initiatives locally.

The Sustainable Global Stewardship Program is composed of three regular courses (12 units) total. All participants will enroll in the first two courses (8 units), and select from the appropriate Spanish course (4 units), unless advanced Spanish speakers. The selected topics course may also be available for a total of sixteen (16) units. All courses are taught in English with the exception of the Spanish courses, which will facilitate practical application of the language.

University of Redlands students are required to complete the course: EVST 260: Sustainability in Central America as a pre-requisite to the program.

For details of the Program courses in 2014, please click here:  Sustainable Global Stewardship Program Course listings

For the most complete and updated Program information, please visit our partner Earth Education International's website:

For further inquiry, feel free to stop by the Study Abroad Office!

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