Name: College and High-School Alliance Mentoring Program
Nickname: CHAMPs
Advisor: Jessica Medvec

We are proud to introduce CHAMPs (College and High-School Alliance Mentoring Program). This program has been highly-anticipated by the parents of students we mentor from the Redlands community. Thanks to the hard work of CHAMPS mentors and directors the program was named the Outstanding Organization of the Year 2011-2012 by A.S.U.R. and the Office of Clubs and Organizations. 

The mission of CHAMPS is to provide opportunities for high school students to build self-confidence, leadership and communication skills. Participants are provided with resources and college role models that will engage and lead them to realizing they have the potential for higher education and achieving their goals.

CHAMPs is geared toward the graduates of the Middle Buddies program who have moved into high school within our community. The focus of the program is to continue to build and expand on developing leadership and self confidence qualities which have already been established in the Big Buddies program. Emphasis is placed on introducing and encouraging the idea of post-secondary(high school) education.

CHAMPs meets on Sundays from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. in Gregory Hall, where a group of university students serve as positive college role models and mentors to the high school mentees.


Katherine Van Vurren, Senior

Sam Martinez, Sophomore

Nora Godfrey, Sophomore


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