About Redlands

Thurber: Official Mascot


The current and official mascot of the University of Redlands is Thurber. He is known as a very active and friendly mascot, and is the subject of a blog called “Thurb’s Blurbs.” HeĀ attends sporting events when possible and is known to give “high fives.”

Thurber is a favorite subject of University photographers and seems to enjoy the considerable attention he receives from the campus community.

President Doolittle collaring Thurber as the University Mascot

President James Appleton collaring Thurber as the University Mascot on Sept. 18, 2010

When not occupied with their mascot duties, Thurber and sometimes his grandpa, Duke, typically can be found in their kennel at the Willis Center.
Thurber, Official Mascot

Thurber surveys his kingdom

Thurber and Duke try to appear at as many University functions as possible. If you are interested in having Thurber or Duke attend your campus event, contact Student Life.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.