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UR Recycling Center

The University of Redlands is committed to reducing the impact of campus operations on our planet.

Facilities Management has been instrumental in this effort. The Facilities Management department operates the campus recycling center which processes recycled aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard generated on campus.

In 2009/10 these recycling efforts diverted tons of waste from a solid waste landfill. In addition to recycling, Facilities Management incorporates waste minimization throughout the management of the campus.

The Grounds crew practices grass-cycling which eliminates the need to bag and dispose of thousands of pounds of grass clippings each year. Instead grass clippings are left on the lawns to provide additional nutrients and reduce the need for fertilizers. Green waste that cannot be re-used on campus is segregated and sent to an off-site facility where it can be reused as mulch or compost.

In 2009 the University generated 110 tons of green waste. The Paint crew also contributes to waste minimization through policies of standardization of colors and just in time ordering that minimize waste paint generated from campus operations.

Facilities Management is working to replace gasoline powered trucks with neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV). In 2010, 4 existing vehicles were replaced with electric carts, the goal is to be completely electric by 2012.

Recycling Totals 2009/10

Aluminum   360 lbs
Glass  2590 lbs
Plastic   1816 lbs
Paper   576 yards

 30.8 tons

Steel   6600 lbs

The University has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting study abroad.

More than 47 percent of Redlands undergraduates participate in study abroad programs.

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