About Redlands

Board of Trustees

Our 36-member, 2014-15 Board of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to the University as a whole. The Trustees are responsible for electing the President and approving an annual plan of financial operation. Through the University bylaws, the day-to-day responsibility for administration of the University is delegated by the Trustees to the President.

Brad Adams

Mr. Bradley N. Adams '93
Senior Managing Director
Kennedy Wilson 

Jamison J. Ashby '82

Mr. Jamison J. Ashby '82
President & CEO

Wendell Barner

Mr. Wendell L. Barner '84 '86
Realtor, Prudential Realty Company 

Carole Beswick, Chair of the Board

Ms. Carole L. Beswick
Chair of the Board
CEO, Inland Action, Inc.

Dr. Larry Burgess Dr. Larry E. Burgess '67
Director Emeritus
A.K. Smiley Public Library
William Cahill Mr. William R. Cahill
Calfox, Inc.
David Danielson

Mr. David R. Danielson '75
Dean for Language Arts, Mathematics & Sciences
Butte Community College

Joseph D'Anna Dr. Joseph L. D'Anna '91
Principal & Portfolio Manager
AnchorPath Financial, LLC
David Enzminger Mr. David P. Enzminger '85
Winston & Strawn LLP
Rebecca Campbell Garnett

Mrs. Becky Campbell Garnett '69
Independent Sales Consultant
Worth New York

Kenneth Hall Mr. Kenneth F. Hall ’60
Founder & Chairman Emeritus
School Services of California, Inc.
Debbie Heap Ms. Debbie J. Heap '73, '86
Retired Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
Greg Horter Mr. Gregory W. Horter '89
Manager, Customer Support & Implementation
InfoQuest Systems, Inc.

Mr. Richard C. Hunsaker '52
Hunsaker Management Inc.

Ms. Fran Inman
Senior Vice President
Majestic Realty Co.
Lawrence King

Mr. Lawrence E. King '77 '01
Sales & Marketing Consultant

Terry W. Kupfer '57

Mr. Terry W. Kupfer '57
Accounting & Auditing Consultant
Retired Partner, Arthur Andersen LLP

Ms. Ann S. Lucas
Community Service Volunteer & Philanthropist
Sherri Medina

Ms. Sherri L. Medina '82, '84
Healthcare Entrepreneur & Investor

Alice J. Mozley '70

Ms. Alice J. Mozley '70
Retired, Vice President Planning & Dev't
Times Mirror Company

Mr. Brian D. Murphy ’04
Managing Director
Meridian Capital

Mr. Robert C. Oda '69
Senior Project Manager,
Commercial Real Estate Division
Kamehameha Schools

James Ramos

Mr. James C. Ramos '09
Supervisor, 3rd District
San Bernardino County

Dan Rendler Mr. Daniel J. Rendler '00
Director, Customer Programs & Assistance
South Inland Region
Southern California Gas Company
Sabine Robertson-Phillips Dr. Sabine B. Robertson-Phillips '92
Asst. Superintendent of
Human Resources
Redlands Unified School District
Darren S. Rose Mr. Darren S. Rose '91
Rose & Tuck LLC
Joseph R. Rulison Mr. Joseph R. Rulison
Managing Director
J. P. Morgan Private Bank
Roger Salazar

Mr. Roger V. Salazar '91
President, ALZA Strategies

James Schroeder Mr. James E. Schroeder '65
Mesa Energy Partners, LLC
Linda Simms Ms. Linda Nelson Simms '62
Teacher & Real Estate Agent
William Siwek

Mr. William E. Siwek '84
TPI Composites, Inc.

Chris Strand Mr. Chris W. Strand
Chief Financial Officer
N. Anthony Taylor '63 Mr. N. Anthony Taylor '63
Management, IBM Corporation
Ronald Troupe Mr. Ronald C. Troupe '64
Los Angeles Branch Manager
Unisys Corporation
Mr. Stanley C. Weisser
CEO & President
Network Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Charles Wilkie Mr. Charles S. Wilke '64
Managing Director
Meridian Capital LLC


How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.