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President Co-Authors Rankings Research

University of Redlands President Ralph Kuncl is the co-author of  "Modeling Change and Variation in U.S. News & World Report College Rankings: What would it really take to be in the Top 20?"

Dr. Kuncl and co-authors Shari L. Gnolek of consulting firm Scannell & Kurz and Vincenzo T. Falciano of the University of Rochester published their work this spring in "Research in Higher Education," the journal of the Association for Institutional Research.

Armacost Library has placed a copy on electronic reserve. Use your MyRedlands username and password to log in at this address http://books.redlands.edu/search/p?SEARCH=KUNCL

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What would it really take to be in the 'U.S. News' Top 20?
Inside Higher Ed
...sustained upwards movemement is both immensely expensive and nearly impossible. Ralph Kuncl, a former Rochester provost who is now president of University of Redlands, in California, co-wrote the paper, which was a decade in the making.

Study: Joining the Top Echelon of Best Colleges Rankings ...
U.S. News & World Report (via Yahoo! News)

What's the Key to a Better College Ranking from 'U.S. News'?

Ralph Kuncl, president of the University of Redlands 


President Ralph Kuncl participated in Inside Higher Ed’s “This Week” podcast and discussed his research on rankings as well as other higher education topics.



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