Sustainable Communities

sustainable community
The University will develop and apply knowledge and expertise in support of sustainable communities. Sustainable communities are characterized by robust economies, educational opportunity, environmental quality, support for and enjoyment of the arts, access to health care, efficient transportation and land-use systems, and comprehensive, forward-looking planning. The University of Redlands resides in a region rich with potential—and challenging problems. The Inland Empire will continue to experience rapid growth while confronting complex economic, environmental, and social challenges. Our mission and hopes for our own future compel the University to take a leadership role in seeking solutions to these critical challenges facing the community that will continue to be our home. This environment also creates a unique opportunity to establish the University as a national model for supporting sustainable communities.


The University of Redlands will distinguish itself and extend its tradition of service by contributing to the solution of complex, multi-dimensional problems facing our region, nation, and the world.

Our graduates will be well prepared to take up these challenges, bringing a toolbox of sophisticated professional and technical skills supported by the broad perspective that comes with an education grounded in the liberal arts. More directly, the University will be a leading resource for policy research and support for planning in the Inland Empire. In support of this vision we will build upon current and emerging strengths and areas of expertise, including outstanding professional schools and programs, expertise in spatial reasoning and geographic information systems, an established applied research center at The Redlands Institute, and a tradition of community service and outreach. New degree programs will emerge in support of this vision and will produce graduates who will advance the development of sustainable communities in this region and beyond.

This initiative will not detract from our primary mission of teaching, but will enhance and complement students’ educational experience by emphasizing applied policy research and community service that involves and engages students for centuries to come.

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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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