Innovation & Change

innovation and creative change

The University will be challenged to preserve its core values and purpose in an environment of heightened competition for students and resources. We will meet this challenge and emerge as a model for thriving, independent, liberal arts and sciences universities. We will build upon our tradition of innovative and creative change in academics, student life, and in administration and be willing to take informed risks to enhance the quality of our educational programs and strengthen the University’s financial base.

The University aspires to be the best among its peers—small to mid-sized, comprehensive, independent universities that are best exemplified by our colleague members of the Associated New American Colleges.

The University will build upon its pioneering work in integrative education, blending liberal with professional education, academics with student life, campus life with community service, and promoting creative interdisciplinary educational programs. The University’s reputation will grow as the complexity of problems confronting society raises the value of our graduates, who combine liberal arts andĀ  professional skills with a breadth of understanding and the ability to approach problems from multiple perspectives.

The College of Arts and Sciences will continue to grow as an innovative learning community and will realize the promise and power of integrating academic and student life. New forms of educational delivery, such as online education, and competition from lower tuition public and for-profit universities, will challenge the residential college model of higher education. The college will meet these challenges by building upon its core value of personalized education and by fully actuating the potential of the residential campus to deliver a more powerful educational experience through the purposeful integration of learning in the classroom, residence halls and, in campus and community activities. We anticipate that the college will remain roughly the same size overall; however, managed enrollment increases will occur in selected programs in which expansion will enhance the quality of the educational experience.

An important part of the University of Redlands experience will continue to be the development of lifelong relationships among students, alumni, and friends.

The University will nurture and support these vital connections through enhanced alumni communications and programming.

The University of Redlands will be a leader in delivering quality and innovative professional education to nonresidential, working adults.

In recent years the University has extended the opportunity for a transformational educational experience to students unable to enroll in a full-time, residential academic program. The continued growth in students seeking nontraditional educational programs will create an opportunity for the University to enhance its reputation for innovative programs that combine flexibility and convenience with academic rigor and quality. The School of Education will continue to grow as it builds upon and extends its regional reputation for excellence in educational leadership, counseling, and teacher preparation. The School of Business will be nationally recognized as a model for delivering management education of superior quality that is accessible to fully employed adult learners. The University will deliver additional degree and non-degree programs beyond education and business that will meet the evolving needs of adult learnersĀ in our region. Programs for adult learners will be grounded in the University’s tradition and core value of personalized education.

The University of Redlands will continue to extend its mission and values to serve a more culturally diverse student population.

Our tradition of delivering transformative educational experiences will be attractive to all students, not limited by ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, or other demographic markers. A more diverse community of students, faculty, and staff will enrich the quality of that experience. Given the changing demographics of the region and nation, this emphasis also will strengthen the University’s enrollment and financial foundation.

The University of Redlands will be financially strong and stable. Growth in financial resources will enable enhanced support for core programs and new initiatives and the ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff, while maintaining annually balanced budgets. In addition, more robust financial capacity will allow investments in facilities and technology that will advance the campus’ reputation as one of the most attractive, functional, and safe learning and living spaces in the nation. The endowment will grow substantially as alumni, friends, and foundations recognize and support the University’s advancing reputation. While a larger endowment will reduce the University’s dependence on tuition revenue, the University’s ambitious vision will require growing enrollment. The primary engine for the enrollment and tuition revenue will be adult and professional programs.

University of Redlands students contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service annually.
students helping the community

All as part of our time-honored tradition of putting their passion, knowledge and heart to work for the betterment of the world.

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