Preserving the mission, character and values for future generations

The character, mission, and values of the University will be preserved. The University will continue to be defined by its core values and, as it has throughout its first century, open doors of opportunity and transform lives.

We will continue to emphasize academic rigor, curricular diversity, innovative teaching, and an intellectually diverse learning environment. We will develop graduates who not only have acquired productive and lifelong learning skills, but who have grown as people by confronting and carefully examining the ethical, moral, and spiritual dimensions of themselves and society.

The liberal arts and sciences will continue to be the foundation for all educational programs, and a strong College of Arts and Sciences will remain central to the University’s mission. At the same time, we reaffirm our pioneering commitment to the integration of liberal and professional education and delivering transformative education to working adults.

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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