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Academic Symbols

Flags and Class Standards

The standards in the procession were created for the inauguration of Dr. James R. Appleton in 1985 and are used in commencement ceremonies and other major University events. They include the following.

  • The four graduating classes of the College of Arts & Sciences
  • The University’s logo
  • The official seal of the University
  • A list of the University’s presidents since its founding

The Presidential Medallion

The medallion presented to the President is a symbol of authority invested in him by the Board of Trustees. The President will wear it at future ceremonial occasions such as convocations and commencement. The medallion portrays the University’s official seal and is hand-crafted with gold-plated bronze and a maroon enamel inlay.

The seal artwork includes: the founding year of the University—1907; the Latin motto “Deus et Lux” which translates “God and Light”; a row of books representing the educational mission of the University of Redlands; mountains depicting the University’s geographical setting; and a cross reflecting the University’s religious heritage and founding by American Baptists.

Surrounding the seal are the title “President” and leaves from symbolic trees that were first planted on campus during the University’s founding—a grouping of Coast Live Oak leaves and Date Palm leaves.

The Academic Mace

The first dated record of the ceremonial academic mace goes back to the year 1385 at the University of Vienna. An academic mace is traditionally carried in procession and mounted on stage whenever degrees are granted or when the faculty is assembled in formal academic regalia.

The first University of Redlands’ academic mace was presented on behalf of the city of Redlands by Mayor Jon Harrison during the October 20, 2006 convocation marking the start of the year-long centennial celebration. Several former mayors contributed to the fund for the mace and its case. When not in use, the mace is on display in the Office of the Vice President for University Relations.

The names of all Redlands presidents are engraved on solid silver bands around the wooden shaft. The shaft is capped with 60 ounces of solid silver, engraved with the seals of the city of Redlands and the University of Redlands.


Athletics are an important part of student life.
softball player

The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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