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President Ralph Kuncl


A Year of Transition: Positioning Ourselves for Greatness

President Ralph Kuncl welcomes new and returning students to the University of Redlands.

"Modeling Change and Variation in U.S. News & World Report College Rankings: What would it really take to be in the Top 20?"

Dr. Kuncl welcomes the students, faculty and staff back to campus with highlights from 2013 and a bright look toward the future.

Dr. Kuncl shares why it is important that we embrace change to envision the University of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Dr. Kuncl welcomes new students to a community where the collective goal of the faculty, administration, and staff is to ensure they get the best possible education.

In his May 2013 address, Dr. Kuncl briefed the Assembly about his past academic year, its surprises and accomplishments.

On March 9, 2013, Dr. Kuncl discussed the University's commitment to sustainability, the passion of our students and the expertise of our faculty to ensure a healthy and sustainable co-existence with the environment.

In February 2013, Dr. Kuncl inspired students to dream big and to embrace science and math as great interests and goals.

Listen to Dr. Kuncl's moving inaugural speech in which he shares his passion and grace and invites all of us to join him on a journey to a bright future.

Casavant Pipe Organ

The 83-year-old instrument was fully restored in 2003 and features 4,266 pipes.

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