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Bulldog Athletics

Bulldog athletics in a sense is the “school spirit” that permeates campus culture and co-curricular life. Are you supportive of athletics? Can you say more about this with regard to your Division III experiences and involvement? Also, we have a “live” mascot! – a real bulldog, named Thurber, who is a celebrity in his own right!

The scholar athlete is the model of Division III athletics and a long tradition. Athletics at its best teaches not only team experience and fitness but leadership, perseverance, and sacrifice – the essentials of success in life. This is why Nancy and I marvel at the idealism and dedication of the best well-rounded scholar athletes. We watch them, enjoy them, and celebrate their accomplishments.

TheĀ “Provost’s Circle” of scholar athletes was an idea of Nancy’s that has become a tradition at Rochester. The careers of a medical scientist or provost do not naturally intersect with athletics. But at Johns Hopkins University, I found a way to work with the athletics director to analyze data that proved the value of ensuring the admission and support of scholar athletes at that Division III school, because we proved that the graduation rates and grades of athletes were the equal or better of other students overall.

I must admit, a live bulldog will be a curiosity to experience. Thank God it’s not UC Santa Cruz with a live banana slug! The University of Chicago didn’t have a mascot (what’s a “Maroon?”). The Johns Hopkins “Blue Jay” was a felt patch on a uniform. The Rochester “Rocky” was certainly live, but was a small person dancing in a hot costume as a cartoonish yellowjacket. A real live bulldog?! Wow! Who feeds and grooms it? (or is that one of my responsibilities you haven’t told me about yet?) Is it a girl or a boy dog? (I support Title IX, you know). I look forward to meeting Thurber! Will we go to “every game?” We probably can’t but will want to. So, please . . . “invite us to the party” and we will come.

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