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Muslim Journey Film Series - "Prince Among Slaves"
Event Type:Featured Event
Location:Gregory 161
Friday, February 14, 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
University of Redlands Events
Melissa Cardenas - Dow
In 1788 a slave-ship set sail from West Africa, its berth laden with a profitable but fragile cargo: hundreds of men, women and children bound in chains and headed for American shores. Eight months later the survivors were sold in Natchez, Mississippi. Among them was the 26-year-old Abdul Rahman Sori, heir to the throne of one of the largest kingdoms in Africa. After two more decades and 40 years of enslavement another chance encounter finally led to a breakthrough. A meeting with a local printer who had a friend in the U.S. Embassy in Morocco resulted in an exchange of letters between the Sultan of Morocco and President John Quincy Adams. In a diplomatic exchange, President Adams agreed to do what he could to gain Abdul Rahman free passage to Morocco. The President appealed directly to Foster to let Abdul Rahman go. Reluctantly, Foster agreed, and manumitted him under one condition: that Abdul Rahman was not to enjoy the rights of a free man in the United States – he was to travel directly to Africa. To this day the legacy of Abdul Rahman, the prince among slaves, lives on in his descendants. Seven generations later, one has survived the horrors of civil war in his native Liberia. Now he finds healing and purpose in a quest to uncover the story of his remarkable ancestor and unite the family torn apart nearly 200 years ago. By reestablishing bonds with his American relatives, he finally realizes Abdul Rahman’s dream.
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